Nowhere That You Know

by Tal Cohen-Shalev

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released March 22, 2012

Produced by Ori Winokur

Tal Cohen-Shalev- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars,
mandolin and banjo
Oded Naftali- harmonica, accordion and glockenspiel
Gal Shaya- electric and double bass
Eli Aizik- drums
Shir-Ran Yinon- violin and viola
Hadas Kleinman- cello
Idit Mintzer- trumpet and French horn
Sefi Zisling- additional trumpet on track 4
Yoni Levin- Piano, Hammond and synthesizer
Ori Winokur- backing vocals on track 4
Lee Gaon- backing vocals on tracks 2, 14

Words and music to all songs by Tal Cohen-Shalev
Arrangements by Tal Cohen-Shalev and Ori Winokur
Strings and Brass Arrangements by Shir-Ran Yinon and Ori Winokur
Recorded by Asaf Shay and Eran Alpern at Kitcha Studio Tel Aviv
Piano and Hammond recorded at Pluto Studios Tel Aviv
Assistant engineer at Pluto - Daniel Anglister
Mixed By Nadav Katz
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering , Ventura , CA , USA

front cover design by Ori Maor,
photo by Shiri Klein


all rights reserved



Tal Cohen-Shalev Israel

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Track Name: Bird Inside a Cage
I want you to see
How it comes to be
That I'm down on my knees again
Eyes look to the sky
No one told me why
he doesn't look back at all

Woke up and I walked the wire
Soak up the pain and say goodbye
Catch the wind, I'll make it sing
Like bird inside a cage

My eyes soon will dry
Teach me how to fly
Although I could never try
I'm cold to the bone
My tree's never grown
But now I'm begging you, take me home

Woke up and I walked the wire
Soak up the pain and say goodbye
Catch the wind, I'll make it sing
Like bird inside a cage
Track Name: Now and Then
Now and then I think of everything that's wrong with me
Crippling fears and wasted years and those ahead
I don’t know what they'll bring
Sometimes when it's dark I'd lie beside old photographs
Times that in my mind I've left behind
Though now I wish I could go back
This fish ain't out of water but this water's not for me
Lately I've been thinking that my timing's right
Just not the place to be
Won't look in your eyes when walking down a busy street
Too much for this little space
You crowd the place and fucked the human race

Nothing personal. You see, I'm not what I appear to be
In my awkward smile I'm happy
Though sometimes it's just to shut you up
Now and then I pray and hope that soon I'll get my turn
Though I know it's not more than a precious day until the sky will burn
Now and then I tell myself it's not them, only me
Life is what you make it while you're blind to things that you don’t want to see
Track Name: Wasted a Song
The pen's in my hand
But words just don't come out
It's just as if the paper's laughing at me
Thought that I'd get by with just the words and simple melodies
But then again, it doesn't really work like that
If only I could dig to find some drunken poet's soul and mind
I'd have something to help me go along

Wasted a song, now it's gone
Not much I can say, guess I'll just carry on

Today, it seems to me like such a distant memory
Tomorrow is a shadow of what I used to be
I know I've made mistakes before
I've had my share of aches before
Many times I've held my head and sighed
When all is said and done
Words were said and things were sung
Although I think I may have sang it wrong

Wasted a song, now it's gone
Not much I can say, guess I'll just carry on

Nothing comes to mind
Through the weary years I thought I'd find
A thing or two by now
All my words are gone
Painful memories linger on
And so I leave you with a broken song

Wasted a song, now it's gone
Not much I can say, guess I'll just carry on
Track Name: Dance of the Village Idiot
Born to the sound of violins
Standing on the outside looking in
Let he who's pure and without sin cast the first stone

They smashed my face on the concrete floor
Thank you, sir. May I have some more?
Started getting blisters just keeping score of dreams all broken

Take me to the one in charge
I don’t like the things I see
If you take my point of view
One of sad sobriety
Mankind on a killing spree
Closing in on you and me

Big man's pissed 'cause you've been bad
You spit in my face and now he's mad
But he's the best friend you could ever have
Brimstone, fire!

Work all day, break my back
In the evening on the road
Go home then I hit the sack
In the morning another load
In the end they put you in another box just like before
Track Name: It's a Drag
Apple pies and picket fence
Hopscotch in the yard
Mad man on the lawn
Daddy got his shoes
He drives a big ol' fancy car
All the money's gone
Education's failing,
All the rules are breaking down
Must be something in the water
Stupid's all around

It's a drag no matter where you go
Slow motion suicide and then you know
You can't stay away

Politics, a bore
It's the same old song and dance
No one cares at all
Gallup polls and bumper stickers
People on the streets
Tell you what to think
Overflowing, bombs are blowing up into the sky
Who knows what surprises are in store for you and I

It's a drag no matter where you go
Slow motion suicide and then you know
You can't stay away
Track Name: Everyday
Every day is alright
Any way is just fine
We don't give you no trouble 'long as
You walk the line
Morning coffee is all over yesterday's news
I lost every game I've ever played
'Till I got nothing to lose

Every day is alright
Any way is just fine
While you go your own way
Honey, I'll go in mine

Got friends in high places
Gonna help me go far
It's do nothing job, pretty wife
And a shiny new car
Got screwed with my taxes
Too little to fight
The matter of fact is that you're probably right

Just give me your number
And we'll get along fine
We won't let you go your way
So why don't you go with mine?

I don't bother at all
One day you will find
While you go in your way
I'm doing well with mine
Track Name: Mirror Man
Mirror man, why the long face?
Well, is it just because you've yet to find your place
Among the people outside?

Mirror man, why look so down?
Sometimes I wish you’d make a sound
You too often run to hide

Mirror man is on the wall
Nobody hears a thing he says at all

Mirror man, it's not ok
You've had your fun, now go away
But you know that I have to stay

Mirror man, why look so blue?
Self destruction's not like you
But sometimes it feels so right
Track Name: Big Engine
Think I'll take an aeroplane
Come fly me far away
Pulling all the stops, I don't care to stay
Or perhaps an engine train
Run down this lonely track
More coal to the fire
I'm never looking back

Think I'll swim across the ocean to a distant land
Maybe I'll come back a stronger wiser man
Or maybe drive a motorcar with pistons made of chrome
Think I'll go and find a place that I call home

Run, get away
Nowhere that you know
Wish that I could go but we can't fly
Run, stay away
Fly me to the moon
We won’t be there soon but we can try
Track Name: Untitled
Look behind my setting sun
Faded memories of old
I am not the simple one
To be unraveled and unfold

Mama never had enough
Daddy's going out to war

Polaroids in bathroom stalls
Faded memories to burn
Poked our heads through crumbling walls
Standing at the fork with no return

No connection, hide away
Same as we all done before
Track Name: Times
Wasting away, I've got nothing to say
Except for words that I stole from some wise man I know
Inside there's nothing, outside it's bright
I may not be so strong but I'm doing alright
It's just wrong to pretend
That it's all for the means with no end

Grinded to dust
But I ain't feeling too bad
Treading warm waters of memories past
And the times we've had

Just not the same when I can't seem to tame
All the demons I once had that put me to bed
Things could be better when newspaper headers say
"Lord, it's a pain, You'll be better off dead"
It's a shame to forget that you pay for the things you regret

Connecting the dots
Staying inside the lines
Shattered pictures of some place I've known
In the best of times

Nowhere to crawl with your back to the wall
It's the winning that hurts once you realize your fate
Nothing is lost, though you must pay the cost
Of this strange indignation for those that you love
Then you stop to think when you forgot how to start once again
Track Name: Song is Everywhere
You say that you need more time
For you have long since lost it
You can't even see the line
For you have long since crossed it

And me, I sit and wonder how
You ever thought that I could care
If you should cry and I should die
If I'm no longer there

Like a bird with broken wings
I can fly no longer
You can't break me down again
For someday I'll be stronger

And me, I sit and wonder how
You ever thought that I could care
If you should cry and I should die
I'm standing over there

May your wishes all come true
I wish you'll be set free
And have everything you'll ever need
As long as you're away from me

And me, I sit and wonder how
You ever thought that I could care
If you should cry and I should die
Song is everywhere
Track Name: Among the Reeds
She cast a pebble on the water crying
The sun was rising on the hill
She had a purple rose she crumpled in her fist
And threw the petals on the reeds where they first kissed

The miller boy he had green eyes
He never noticed her that much
She walked towards him from the foggy morning mist
She wished to be among the reeds where they first kissed

She told him that she dreamt of him all these nights
He didn't even turn his head
And while she cried he jumped and grabbed her by the wrist
He stripped her down there by the reeds where they first kissed

The water showed her no reflection
The cypresses all looked away
She had her bloodstained handkerchief inside her fist
She lost herself down by the reeds where they first kissed

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