T​.​C. Benjamin

by Tal Cohen-Shalev

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released June 27, 2018

Words, music, vocals, guitars, synth, drum machine and piano: Tal B. Cohen
Electric bass on Wanderlust: Ross Bellenoit
Drums on Wanderlust: Joe Baldacci
Accordion and Hammond: Jaron Olevsky
Backing vocals: Stephanie Cole
Viola: Andriana Markano

Produced by Tal B. Cohen and Doug Raus
Recorded and mixed by Doug Raus and mastered by Sean Svadlenak at Turtle Studios, Philadelphia

Cover design: Tal B. Cohen


all rights reserved



Tal Cohen-Shalev Israel

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Track Name: In This Moment
Search for answers night and day
All the wrong questions left you nullified
And petrified
Looking for the easy way
Play along
It's only social suicide
You can stay feeling sorry
For a time that you lost
In this moment

Hey there boy, why do you stay?
Realize you're captain of this ship of fools
All the lies the paper say
Fantasize that everybody's playing by the rules
You can pray feeling lonely
For a time you'll be gone
in this moment

Nothing on my mind
No misery can find me
Not the worst of it all can bring me down
I'm going out in style
It ain't worth all my while
When all the world goes up in flames
And then you fall

Looking for a sign
No meaning you can find
It's not your fault
It's just the insects in your mind
Oh God, I'm not to blame
The loneliness and shame creep in the dark.
Track Name: Rotten Roots
Say it to me one more time
Tell it to me softly
All those hollow words that I once knew
You tell yourself you're just the same
You'll never change
In a way it's true

You tell yourself it's someone else's fight now
But if I'm free now, why does it still hurt?
The bittersweetness of our days was fleeting
I grew up
And now it's worse

The bridges that we built now lay in ruins
Every plan we made is one more scar
I'm back to where I started
But look what I've become

You kicked me while I was down and hopeless
You cursed the very ground we used to walk
I thought that time would undermine the heaviness I knew
But lies outrun the ticking of the clock

It's hard to heal
It's hard to grow
With rotten roots
And rotten love don't have no seeds to sow
Track Name: Wanderlust
If I told you that I'm broken
Would you let me go astray?
Just a falling star as compass
That soon just fades away
Here I stand bewildered
I am baffled and amazed
By what's in arm's reach
Like a cracked mirror
Is doomed to break

One too many roads was taken
Far too few that led me home
Oh it's wanderlust that made me wish
I'd rest my aching bones
I am scorned in my hometown
I'm a stranger where I go

It's no wonder I'm in pieces
I'm a leper in disgiuse
Being spat on and abused
Left here begging from the skies
Tried to tell you that I'm sorry
But you don't pick up the phone
So I picked up all the pieces
Now I've gone

One too many roads was taken
Far too few that led me home
Oh it's wanderlust that made me wish
I'd rest my aching bones
I am scorned in my hometown
I'm a stranger where I go

Here I stumble broken down
A drunken shipless captain
A lowly king without his crown
on the gallows
Seasons change around me
in these old towns that I roam
And these cobble stones
Will never lead me home

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